Become a Freemason

How Can I become a Freemason?


You must:


- Be a man at least 21 years of age

- Be of good moral character

- Have a personal belief in a Supreme Being (the definition of a Supreme Being is up to you)

- Decide to become a Mason of "your own free will and accord"

- Be loyal to your country

- Dedicated to providing for your own family

- Have a sincere determination to conduct yourself in a manner that will earn respect and trust of others

- Possess a desire to help others through community service and universal benevolence

What is the Purpose of Freemasonry?


A common expression used to describe Freemasonry is that it exists to "make good men better." To this end, the purpose of Freemasonry is to teach those universal ethical principles that guide all good men. It teaches kindness in the home, honesty in business, courtesy in society, fairness in work, pity and concern for the unfortunate, resistance toward evil, help for the weak, forgiveness for the penitent, love for one another, and above all, reverence and love for God. These principles are so universal to the basis of a working society that they are an essential way of life for each of its members.

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